Garlic Hound Seasoning Sauces

Seasoning Sauce Line-up (available in 5oz bottle or by the Gallon):

Original:     Our first hot sauce, and the most popular. Cajun Original is a cayenne-based pepper sauce that has the perfect balance of heat, garlic flavor, and a blend of tasty spices. Use it as marinade or infuse it into your favorite recipe for a truly unique burst of flavor. Heat level: medium (6 of 10).


Mexican Mild:       Mexican Mild is a unique, full-bodied sauce that derives its rich flavor from the zesty Chile de Arbol pepper of Western Mexico. Hints of citrus flavorings blend well with this delicious garlic sauce. A versatile sauce that can be used to add a kick to Mexican foods, on a chip, a basting sauce – or just about anything! 
Heat level: mild (4 of 10).


Apparition:  Kicked up version of Original using GHOST PEPPER.  Hot but not uneatable.  For the Hot Head out there who likes flavor with the bite. Heat level: high (9 of 10).